Monday, January 28, 2008


We just had the largest gathering ever held at a BK abode. There were eight adults and four children, including us. It was a bit nervousing, just because I'm not too keen on hosting parties or being in large groups, but it was fun. We chatted for a bit, had a lesson by Hugh B. Brown--oh, I mean Braden--, and then played some Balderdash. Here are some of the best entries of the night:

SWEDGE - The ebonics version of "so what are" as in "Swedge ya doin'!"
NABOB (which someone misspelled as NABOOB, causing much laughter as it was discovered just now) - To see or hear a strange voice. ("Uh oh, I'm seeing voices again!")
LIBLAB - A chemistry lab at Evergreen State College (For those who don't know, ESC is well-known for being extremely liberal. Most students have alternative lifestyles and clothing, and you can usually spot a "Greener" just by what they are wearing)
CHORALCELO - Italian for an obnoxiously loud male singer
DAK - A thin layer of foam built up on the back of a turtle's shell (This, rather surprisingly I think, got three votes. I heard "foam" and "turtle's shell" and was like, What??)
DAK - An Australian expression used in place of a profanity. (DAK! OH, DAK!)
DAK - An X-wing pilot who dies stupidly on the planet Hoth. (That was me. Thank you. Thank you very much-a.)

Braden peed his cords laughing at the last one, because he was thinking how funny it would be if the real definition included the adverb "stupidly".


LintyPuppy said...

Are you including yourselves in your count of the four children?

braden and kerry said...

Sure! We're just big kids anyway... :)