Friday, January 25, 2008

Thoughts on Hollywood

I don't like movies about adultery. Even if it's just a bothers me. We just saw "Waitress", and a bunch of people are having affairs and are pretty much like, "Well, my life sucks, so this is a way to make it not suck so much." And do I have a problem with that? Yes. Yes, I do.

I also just saw "Juno" to get some mommy time (read: Ker time), and it was decent, even bordering on good in some parts. BUT, if I had known the amount of profanity and crude sexual dialogue contained therein, I would not have spent the money to see it. It's the kind of movie that would make a great little edited DVD. However, no way would I want my kid watching it...and if I don't want my kid watching it, then I probably shouldn't be watching it, either. It's pretty cavalier about sex and pregnancy, even trivializing the latter. I really don't think that you walk away after having given birth without being profoundly changed on a physical, emotional and even spiritual level. I guess that Hollywood would have us think otherwise.


annahannah said...

oh...and i was going to go see it since everyone raved about it. maybe i'll skip it. i love you

Carolyn said...

yeah i've heard people raving about it too. but when i read what the movie was about, i knew i wouldn't like it. I agree with you kerry. being pregnant does change you in a profound way. and whether you have a miscarriage, an abortion, give the baby up for adoption, have a still birth, or give birth to a healthy baby...these are all very seriously emotional things in a womans life. there's just no way around the emotional connection between the woman and the life she carries.

braden and kerry said...

**spoiler alert**

Well I have to admit that I did not have as much of a problem with Waitress as Ker. I did not like the whole "everyone is having an affair thing", but I think that the movie redeemed itself at the end at least to some degree when she realized that her affair was not right and also when she saw the baby that she didn't want and you could actually feel the love between mother and daughter. Kind of the opposite, I guess, of what Kerry said about Juno. Here you have a woman who keeps saying that there is no connection to her baby and she doesn't want it and she wont want it, but even with all her denials, in the end she does want it.

That said, this is one of those movies to watch if you happen to see it on the library shelf, but don't go out of your way for it.