Friday, January 18, 2008

Speaking of Yaz...

I shall have to probe Dan's memory, but I seem to recall that there's another song by Yaz that is rather disturbing if you think or have ever thought that the lead singer was male. And, quite honestly, it's hard not to think that. She sounds like a

When I was looking up the song "Situation", I clicked on one of the related links on the side of Alison Moyet (the lead singer) singing it live. Wo. Stick with studio and synth.

By the way, Howard Jones is a synth wizard. Just thought you all might want to know. I think only Dan will get that, so I'll explain. In my Billboard Top 40 music trivia books, the author, Joel Whitburn, calls Howard Jones a synth wizard under the artist's description. I would dearly love to put that on my resume under "Miscellaneous Skills".

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