Friday, January 4, 2008


The Schmenna and I were heading to an appointment yesterday. I'll give a little background info here, so ya'll can understand the situation better. The road that I was on is a 4 lane road, but the left lane turns into a left turn only lane a couple hundred feet down from where I was waiting to turn left. What a lot of people do is stay in the left lane to avoid people turning right at the previous intersection, and then all these cars try to get over to the right lane so they won't be forced to turn left. This is a pretty busy street, since the hospital is only a little further down. Anyway, my turning left before being forced to messed up a lot of cars playing the "quick-get-over-to-the-right-lane" game. I've been there myself; I know it's annoying.

As I was waiting to turn, I looked to my left and saw a pedestrian quickly coming up on the driveway I was going to turn into. Since I am cognizant of the fact that not many pedestrians pay attention to what's going on around them, I checked to see if she was paying attention, which of course she was not. In the meantime, there was a clear opportunity for me to turn, but I had to wait to see what the pedestrian was doing. In the FIVE SECONDS it took to ascertain that said pedestrian was turning left alongside a building and not crossing the driveway, the car behind me honked. Um, HELLO. HELLO??

I'm so sorry that I didn't risk committing vehicular homicide just so you could get to work five seconds earlier.

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Carolyn said...

ahhhh good times. gotta love the impatient. oh wait, no you don't. :-)