Friday, July 6, 2007


So what I was trying to do was upload some videos we took of Jenna with our digital camera, but apparently that feature is only available on a draft version of Blogger. So my backup plan is to upload them to Google Video and then just provide the link for all you guys that would like to see them. We kind of forgot about the video feature on our camera and have been having fun with it for the past few days. One annoying thing, though, is that it only lets you film for 30 seconds. No pressure, Jenna!

I uploaded a video that was a little dark, but we could see it on our computer. However, when it was uploaded you can't really see anything at all. So I will delete that one. Here's one of Jenna all clean (don't worry, it's not X-rated) after a bath: All's Clean on the Bathroom Floor

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