Monday, July 16, 2007

Kid Rite Of Passage Wholly Unappreciated

For our date night last Friday, I took Braden and Jenna out to Chuck E. Cheese, since I had some coupons for buy some, get some free tokens. I figured it was time that Jenna had her first taste o' Chuck E. Cheese, and Braden and I could have some fun playing Skee-ball. About 5 minutes after we got Jenna into her Snugli so she could look around, this happened:

Ah well. Can't blame us for trying. We promptly took the Schmenna out of her Snugli and back into her carseat. Then we played a couple of games, and I went to try out the "Jurassic Park Game and Ride". I put the token in, and Braden came over and said, "Here, Jenna's going to play, too". So he put her on the seat next to me (which was for two), and right then the unexpected "ride" portion of the game started up, bucking the seat upward, downward and all around rather forcefully. Needless to say, it startled the crap out of Jenna!! Poor baby! It startled her so badly that she was WIDE AWAKE for the rest of the time we were there. I thought she would go back to sleep within a few minutes, but I guess there's no going back to sleep after that! Anyway, we had a lot of fun with Skee-ball, in spite of the random token-eating lanes. I got back into my groove of many 4000's in a row, as if I'd been practicing all along. I guess it's like riding a bike, because I can't remember the last time I'd been to a Chuck E. Cheese. It was probably with Lauren, Dan and Dad, so that tells you a little bit of how long ago! (At least 13 years, if not more)

Good times, good times.


dan said...

What I have not figured out is if I just REMEMBER chuck e cheese being bigger (because I was a little kid), or if they actually are a lot smaller now.

Because the 3 chuck e cheeses i've been to since I've been an adult have been tiny. We're talking like 3 games and skeeball

Carolyn said...

exaggeration, danny. 3 games?? certainly smaller, though.

LintyPuppy said...

Kudos (I guess) for taking your kid to Chuck E. Cheese. I cannot stand that place. The food is regrettable, and the noise sends me into full sensory overload within 30 seconds of walking in the door. I think we will survive just fine if my children never darken the door at that place.