Thursday, July 19, 2007

This Is How Jenna Rolls

So Jenna started rolling over completely on her own as of two days ago. Then yesterday, she performed her trick many times, including 3 times in a row when I put her down for a nap when she didn't want to go to sleep. And now today, she does it routinely. Since she doesn't know what to do once she gets onto her tummy, she gets frustrated after about 30 seconds and starts crying. We have now reached the point as of this morning where Jenna sleeps any old way she wants to (unless she wants to get onto her back from her tummy once she's rolled over). I have to say that I'm still not very comfortable with her sleeping on her stomach, so I've already rolled her onto her side twice today, trying not to wake her up while doing so. She is really getting to be a pro at this. And when you roll her over, she just repeats it, especially if she's upset or getting hungry...forget trying to keep her on her back. This does, as you may guess, make changing her diaper a bit more challenging!

Here are two videos of her rolling over. The first one was two days ago, and the second was last night. It's amazing how much better she got at it in just over a day.

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