Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July

This is how our day went. Braden was trying to figure out how to get his supposedly 2GB MP3 player to actually play 2GB-worth of stuff. It would only play 1GB. So he emailed the eBay seller to complain in a nice way (you know, the "You seem to pride yourself on good customer service. I would hate to give negative feedback..."), and the guy emails back to say, "I hope you have proof". Umm, The joys of online selling/buying.

Anyway, so Braden was working on that, and then we got word that his cousin was in town, so we went over to the parentals' to visit with them. Well, first we went to visit Braden's Granna, who had a stroke back in February. She seemed to be in good spirits, although it is sad to see her so different now. Her vision seems to be off these days, but she recognized that Braden was the only one who hadn't hugged her, saying, "That one over there hasn't given me a hug yet." :)

After our visit, we hurried over to one of our church buildings to meet up with one of Braden's classmates and her family, but they canceled last minute due to a long day in the sun and general tiredness. Trust me, we understand...our activities pretty much revolve around Jenna...if she can't, then we don't. :)

From the church building, we went to a park nearby to save spots for the fireworks. This was wholly unnecessary, since there were spaces up the ying yang, if you will, but we had fun playing what I deemed "Poor Man's Cornhole". Pretty much we had a Costco box in the trunk, and Braden cut out a square in the middle with a key. We then used his small beanbag and tried to get it in the hole. I stank at it, as usual. :) We tired of this and then graduated to playing catch with the beanbag. Jenna, as you may guess, did not participate, since she probably would have "caught" the beanbag with her face. "Yeah, but with your face?! Doesn't that hurt?!" "AARGH!! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT TO DO!!" (A little Calvin and Hobbes)

Saving spaces did not end up being effective at all, since our sister-in-law and her family ended up not seeing us and parking way the freak down from where we were. When told by Braden that we were saving them a space, her response was, "What? There are like a million of them!", which made me laugh, since it was totally true. We then walked over to the playground for general kid fun-ness, and a friend from our ward joined us a little bit later with her four girls. She went a little ways away to talk to someone she hadn't seen for a while, and Braden and I were keeping an eye on her 2 and 4 year olds. Random ghetto fireworks were going off periodically, and all of a sudden the 4 year old starts running in circles around the playground (Note: this was not a small playground) yelling, "Mommy!! Mommy!!". So I'm trying to run after her while holding Jenna to tell her that her mom is coming right back and that it's okay. Since she doesn't really know me, this was totally ineffective. I told Braden to get her, since I couldn't really run with Jenna, but then the 2 year old wouldn't listen, either, since she had a crush on Braden and followed him everywhere. Trying to watch kids when they don't know you from Adam is a little frustrating! :) Anyway, luckily, their mom came back shortly thereafter, and it was discovered that the 4 year old heard the fireworks, was scared, and automatically projected that fear onto her sister, b/c the 2 year old must have been scared if she was (the 2 year old was fine, since she had Braden to coo at). I guess she's really protective of her. So it was a noble "running around and around the playground screaming for Mom". :)

It got darker and darker, but not dark enough for fireworks, and then all of a sudden some fireworks started going off in the direction that the show would come from. Since it was earlier than they usually start, everyone was looking around at everyone else and being like, "um, is this really it?" So after a couple of minutes, we decided that it must be, and sat down by the playground. (We couldn't find April, aforementioned sister-in-law, or any of her family) The "show" was over in such a short period of time that people were again asking each other if that was really the finale. And apparently it was. So, all in all, the show was kind of disappointing, but it was fun to get outside and let Jenna experience her first 4th of July. She handled it well; even when the fireworks were really loud, her eyes just got really wide. She ate right before the show, so her tummy was full. Here are some pictures of Braden feeding her. She's all bundled up b/c it gets chilly at night, even though it was 80 degrees during the day. What a cute little boy! :)

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