Thursday, October 9, 2008

Untagged Tag

Hope you don't mind me stealing this, Donna.  :)

20 years ago...

1. I was in 4th grade
2. A classmate of mine accidentally stabbed me in the arm with a pencil as we were switching can still see the graphite in my arm
3. I used to swing some boys in my neighborhood around and around (holding onto their hands) in a circle

10 years ago

1. I was almost 3 months into my graphic design AA program in Arizona
2. I believe I had just moved out of my Jack Mormon roommate's condo and was much happier in my new apartment
3. I was working at Macy's as a "sign team member" early in the mornings

5 years ago

1. Yuck.  This was a bad year for me.  Really bad.  I was engaged to a...let me be nice and call him a low-down dirty dog scoundrel of a guy
2. I was in my last year at Kent State (transfer student) finishing up my bachelor's degree
3. My roommate at the time was by far the one I got along best with of all the roommates I've ever had (except for Braden, of course)

3 years ago

1. I was enjoying newlywedded bliss with my hubbin!
2. I was in my last year of grad school
I was working as a graduate assistant in the College of Arts & Sciences on tuition, baby!

1 year ago

1. We had just decided to move into Braden's brother's place to help them out while they were trying to sell it
2. I had Jenna's first eye doctor appointment scheduled for Halloween, when we were told she needed glasses.
3. I had finished up an onsite freelance assignment up north at the end of September...and I missed my Jenna and Braden so much!

This year

1. I've pretty much been prego the whole year...looking forward to not being prego anymore  :)
2. We moved 30-35 minutes north and are now just down the road from where Braden works
3. I got called to the Primary Presidency


1. We put 100 miles on the car looking at cheap, cheaper and cheapest minivans
2. I saw my midwife and found out that I'm 2cm dilated and 50% effaced
3. I missed my chance to nap while I was at my appointment because my midwife was running behind


1. We both had bad tastes in our mouths from slick "owners" of "great, reliable" minivans!
2. I drove at night in the pouring rain for 40 minutes or more to get to my Primary Presidency meeting
3. I asked to use the bathroom during the meeting, and everyone laughed.  I don't know why that's so funny?  :)  Nope, can't hold it for an hour and a half these days, sorry (I also found out I don't have to teach Sharing Time this month because of the Primary Program...woohoo!!)


1. I will take a much-needed break from being in the car...I'm wiped out
2. Jenna and I will hang out and watch Sesame Street together
3. I'll wait with Jenna by the door when Daddy gets home so we can be so glad and give him big kisses!  (How corny is that, but it's true!)  :)


Donna Shoop said...

Don't mind you "stealing" it at all! :) They're pretty fun to read! How's primary going? That is the calling I have, too. We had our program already! Yeah! Did you find a van yet? I hate car shopping!

Ker said...

We hate car shopping, too!

My calling is going okay...I just got thrown in there, so I don't really know what I'm doing, but I do my best!