Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...Is This It?

Maybe... I've had a lot of false labor this time around, but right now feels different in that I am up and moving around and the contractions are still coming. I blame Panera Bread and Target. :)

All the other contractions have been sporadic and have stopped once I got out of bed. These seem to be pretty consistent at 7-10 minutes apart. Mom thinks it's the real thing, so we had Braden's mom stop by on her way home from the temple just now and pick Jenna up. It seems so final to have someone be watching my child because I think I'm in labor!! So yeah, I hope it's not another false start, although it will be nice for Jenna to see her Grandparents E. :) Thanks to Mom E. for taking care of Jenna!

Further bulletins as events warrant. I've been advised to quit counting and go rest. I was also advised to eat something a little lighter than chicken cordon bleu, but I ignored that. Perhaps I will regret it later. :) I just don't feel like soup, what can I say?


Carolyn said...

Dun Dun Dun! Could it really be baby time??!! Well, if it is, good lucky my dear. You'll be in our prayers. I really hope things go better than last time.

Carolyn said...

Oh I can't take it! What's going on out there!!?? Is the baby coming??

Ryan said...

deliver on my birthday and I will probably have to kill you :-)