Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Proof That We Now Have Two Kids

Craziness. I'm the mother of two children. And my firstborn now seems huge to both Braden and I, ever since she walked into the recovery room at the hospital, and we saw her next to Katie. Funny how she used to be the baby, and now she's not...but she is. Weird.

Jenna "kicking" Katie lovingly

Daddy and his two girls


Carolyn said...

And how is Jenna adjusting to big sisterhood?

Megan and Jeremy said...

Yup, it's weird how big the older one looks after a new baby! Good luck with two and with sleeping and nursing-all tricky things!

PS both our boys wouldn't sleep unless in their car seat for like the first 5 months so that's where we put them :)

Ker said...

Jenna's doing pretty well. She sometimes doesn't understand why I can't pick her up if I have the baby, and she sometimes throws little tantrums lately. But overall, she's a good kiddo and I think she'll adjust well. She pats the baby and asks where she is if she's not around.

Hmm...the carseat, huh? Maybe I'll have to try that one of these sleepless nights. :)