Monday, December 17, 2007

Value Village Adventures

"Hi. My name is Ker, and I'm a 99 cent Monday Value Village addict."

"Hi, Ker."

Hmmmmm. These pants might be a little iffy, and I know I can't try them on, because I have my daughter with me, and where the heck would I put her in the dressing "stall" anyway, since I barely have room to turn around in there *myself*...BUT THEY'RE 99 CENTS.

I'm a sucker for cheap stuff.

I actually have a sort of master plan of what aisles I hit first. Skip the sweaters, because they're the obvious first choice, so everyone goes there first. I do look at the dresses, and every once in a while I find something I would actually wear, but whoah. WHOAH. I have never seen hideousness dressified so many times as in the dress aisle at my local Value Village. Who was on the dress concept commission, people???!!

Jenna is a big hit there, and several of the employees recognize me now. A week ago, one of the employees asked, "Where's baby?", and was disappointed when I said she was with her daddah.

I will now show you how Jenna amuses herself on these trips:


annahannah said...

she is so darn cute!! and, yes, ker, you are an addict.

Carolyn said...

i love 99 cent pants.