Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Good Reason Why You Should Probably Just Admit You Don't Care For Chocolate Truffles

Yes, these are my pants. No, that's not poop. Unless I can do amazing feats of contortionism...which I can't. Really, that is my pocket, and my pocket only.

The back story: I was over at the in-laws and got some chocolate truffles thrown at me while I was sitting on the couch. I don't like chocolate truffles. However, instead of saying so, I did what I usually do when I get something I don't like thrown at me, ASSUMING THAT IT'S WRAPPED. I put them in my pocket, thinking, oh, I'll give this to hub later on, because he might like them. Now, it did occur to me that I mustn't forget that they were in there. Fast forward an hour or two. I fell asleep reading on said couch, woke up, got the Schmenna ready to go back home, drove home, walked into the kitchen, PUT MY HAND IN MY POCKET.

Hmmmm, it feels...kind of...sticky.

So did I mention I also had some other items in this pocket? Yeah, I did. MY CELL PHONE AND SIXTEEN DOLLARS IN CASH. Yummy. The gooey mess even soaked through onto my leg.

Yeah, I don't think this experience endeared me to chocolate truffles any. Next time I'll put them in *Braden's* pocket.


Carolyn said...

chocolate is a terrible thing to waste. :-)

braden and kerry said...

Hey!!! Leave my pockets out of this!