Friday, December 21, 2007

Testing, Testing

I was feeding the Schmenna in the dining room (which is really only a dining room because we finally set up a table and chairs in the main room), and I asked Braden to go get me a wipe for her green bean-y face. He went to oblige me, and all of a sudden I hear what sounds like a gasp/moan/sharp intake of breath, followed by silence. Since hub's been in pain for a few days, I started to get a little worried, thinking he might be in kidney stone labor, so I called out, "BRADEN?? BRADEN??", a la Twilight Zone ('Grandma? Grandma?'). He literally ran out a minute later, exclaiming excitedly, "I got my authorization to test!!"

That's right, folks. Braden may well be a fully licensed RN by the first of the year. Suddenly the jump in salary seems much closer. The fact that he already has his application approved is a shock, albeit a pleasant one, since we weren't expecting it to happen for another month or two. Usually these things take a lot longer.

Hub thinks this is an excuse to shirk his date night planning duties, since "I'm busy applying for this job." Pthhbbbbbttth. :)