Friday, December 14, 2007

Reasons Why My Husband Considers My Editing Expertise Invaluable

These are some excerpts from B-dawg's final paper, followed by my *invaluable* comments:

B: Yoder-Wise (2007) has stated that “consumers of health care have a right to know and a need to know how to care for their own health needs” (p. 447).

K: Wise *is* Yoda.

B: Vogelsmeier & Scott-Cawiezell (2007) taught that...

K: Don’t forget Jim Caviezel.

B: Venes (2005) says that “vaccine side effects such as fevers, muscle aches, and injection site pain are common but generally mild."

K: And Venus was her name….AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

B: Chen, R. T., Glasser, J. W., Rhodes, P. H., Davis, R. L., Barlow, W. E., Thompson, R. S. et al. (1997) point out that...

K: Wow, I wish I could have found more articles like this for my thesis! How about a few more contributors??

B: When the nurse leader is able to comfort fellow staff members and patients in regards to safety issues and concerns about immunizations...

K: “It’s okay, sweetie; it really didn’t hurt thaaat bad, did it? Awww, com’ere, sweetums.”

B: A nurse who is anxiously engaged in the good cause of promoting wellness and eschewing disease...

K: Your little Mormon booty!!!!

Now, I did actually give some helpful advice, but I had much more fun writing the above comments, of course. :) Braden's teacher didn't like the "anxiously engaged" sentence and put alternatives like "positively inclined?" and something else we can't remember. I was like, "You can't rewrite scripture!!" What would she think of the D&C? :)

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