Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Remove Unwanted Santa Hats: A Step by Step

1. Discover that you are indeed wearing a Santa hat. Determine to rectify the situation immediately.

2. Begin pulling with an upwards motion one-handed.

3. Get angry and frantic about it, all the while continuing to pull with an upwards motion one-handed.

4. Pause for dramatic effect. Exude cuteness.

5. Pose like the shameless ham that you are.

6. Once offending article of clothing is removed once and for all, make a face like you've just experienced your first atomic wedgie.

7. Celebrate for a few minutes by doing what you do with anything you get your hands on: Wave that thang around like there's no tomorrow, baby.

And finally...

8. Toss the offending article of clothing on the floor where it belongs.

Never mind that you'll be wearing that Santa hat again and again and again over the next few days! Mwahahahahaha!!!


annahannah said...

i love that face when she got it off!!

Carolyn said...

i wanna hold my niece!

annahannah said...

i wanna hold my granddaughter...from washington. oh, the other ones too, just i CAN hold them. sometimes