Sunday, August 5, 2007

symphonie fantastique

I'll probably have to come back and update this post, but I wanted to post about our recent adventures. We just got back from hanging out at Braden's parents' place without them there. :) Braden's cousin and his wife and her old roommate came down from Federal Way (south of Seattle) to play some games with us. We played Settlers and AdLiners. The latter is a surprise Goodwill find, but it's a hilarious game. Essentially, you put a silly picture up, and then everyone puts down a slogan from an ad (you have 5 cards in your hand), and then people vote on the best/funniest one. It actually can get a little suggestive sometimes. :O But it's good times.

We went to a free symphony concert in the park last Sunday. Jenna seemed to like it, but she just likes looking at new stuff. She had a blast looking at the in-laws living room, so there you go! :) Anyway, here are some pics from that. Our friend Dave and his baby Easton can be seen on my left-hand side. (His wife Marissa plays violin in the orchestra)

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Carolyn said...

Jenna is a beautiful baby. We've got to get Kennedy and Jenna back together again so they can play!