Tuesday, August 14, 2007

For Grandma

The first two taken 7/12/07:

Back!...back, I say!!!

The two on the couch taken 7/15/07:

Entertainment center 8/4/07 (Mommy had to be creative so she could work; technically she's supposed to be able to sit up unaided before she can go in there. ...pillow!!!):

8/6/07 - Jenna rolled onto her back for the first time (during the night, of course. You can see her drool to her left, where she was on her tummy. Look how proud she is!

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Carolyn said...

i put my babies in the exersaucer at about 3-4 months and prop them up as well. I figure the babies need to get up and see the world a bit! But at that young, i don't let them stay in too long.