Monday, August 13, 2007

Recipe Review

I was browsing my favorite recipe site again, and I came across this review of a Cajun corn soup: "Pray to the godhead of corn and let your tentacles bask in its neon light." In case you were wondering, that is a positive review, since this guy gave it 5 stars out of 5. And you can click on whether on not you found the review useful, so below it says "5 users found this review helpful." Word.

In other news, Jenna had her second round of immunizations on Friday. She cried for longer right after the needles went in, but her recovery afterwards was much quicker than last time. We gave her Infant Tylenol every 4-6 hours for a little less than a day, and then she was fine.

I went to the pregnancy center here in town for my monthly lesson on childcare and managed to get things straightened out. I met with 3 different people the last few times I've been there, and they all refused to give me vouchers for what I had been told was a certain number of vouchers, among other very annoying inconsistencies. So I got my frustration off my chest to the woman I usually meet with, and she rectified the situation. So all is good. And I am NOT meeting with anyone but her ever again!! Anyway, I managed to "buy" a pretty cool stroller, and a baby sling. Jenna's too big now for the sling, but the next bebé will be able to be in it for a bit.

Jenna figured out how to roll back onto her back about a week ago or so (can't remember if I blogged about that yet). So now she really can sleep any way she wants.

Get your Jenna fix here! I call those shorts Jenna's Daisy Dukes...or Dazzey Duks, for those who remember the song from 1993: "Look at those girls with the Dazzey Duks on, I want you to..."


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