Monday, August 27, 2007


So Braden and I had a good time in the Vancouver area a little over a week ago. We took Jenna with us on Friday, but the poor thing was in her carseat for so long! We tried to take her out sometimes to give her some variety, but it's hard when all you're doing is driving around. We attended Vicki's baptism on Saturday and also went to church with her on Sunday. And then we had a rockin' tasty meal at her house after church. She made this Finnish soup that was really good! Vicki's mom let us stay in her house while we were there, and we're very grateful for the hospitality.
We also saw The Bourne Ultimatum on Saturday was good, but I think the first one is still my favorite. I will say, though, prepare to suspend your disbelief as far as the human capacity to sustain injury after injury...after injury. :)
We looked at a lot of apartments and condos. Still haven't decided whether to rent or buy. I'm actually now leaning toward renting until Braden's out of school. We'll have to figure it out; it depends how long school will take, and thus how long we'll be in that area, should we decide to go with this program. We did find what looked like a nice complex of townhomes. We happened to get there at 5:30pm, so we didn't get to talk to anyone or take a tour, but we really like the floorplan...and you get a huge garage! They're rental units, by the way. It's too bad they only have 2 bedrooms, b/c that's something to think about as we expand our family later on. I guess we could put another baby in the closet. :) But even so, we'd like to check out the place when we visit the area again. We also drove by the old house where I lived for a couple of years as a kid, as well as the elementary school I went to during that time. I do remember the backyard fence; I remember being grounded to the backyard and gazing forlornly through the cracks. :)

I hear Jenna...she is SO LOUD now. She's exercising her voice and seeing what she can do. This past Sunday was the first Sunday she's been in church since she started randomly screeching at the top of her lungs. It's funny, but...yeah...not so much during Sacrament meeting. :) She ate her dress, and I do mean ate her dress. It was literally soaked from her lifting it up, eating it, and flashing everyone in the process. :)

Here are some pics for your fun and enjoyment! And you may notice Jenna is cross-eyed...we need to get her eyes checked. And it'll be SUCH a shocker if she needs glasses, let me tell you! :)

Look how well she's holding up her head now. I can't believe how far she's come. And if you get down on the floor and try to do that, you'll see how hard it is for babies! It's funny how they bend their backs to do that.

Jenna in her high chair that we are probably going to give away, since we have another one, and since this one has a very small tray, as you can see.

This is Jenna eating her Sunday dress yesterday. You can see how soaked it is!

This is the sight Braden was greeted by as he went to check on Jenna during her nap while I was out grocery shopping. LOL!!

Yes, she's asleep like that! And no, she's not suffocating...her face is far enough away from the side cover for her to be able to breathe.

This is how Jenna experiments in her entertainment center now. It is actually teaching her how to control her back muscles very well, and also how to sit and stand. And she LOVES it! She's figured out how to manipulate most of the toys on there, and she starts screeching in happiness as soon as I put her in there! I am sooo glad we got works so well to keep her entertained. (Not that she's in there all the time...she starts screeching really, REALLY loud when she's done!)

Oh, one more thing. Jenna had her 4 month checkup a couple of weeks ago, and she was 25.5 inches long and 15.5 lbs. I would bet she's over 16 lbs now and growing heavier every day! It's amazing how she's catching up in size to other babies who looked freaking huge next to her when she was born. She's almost 90th percentile in everything! Needless to say, I haven't carried her in her Snugli for a few weeks; it hurts my back too much!


Carolyn said...

Nice to hear from you again.

Keep the posts coming! We miss you!

Ryan said...

yeah who would put a baby in the closet!

annahannah said...

the picture in the activity center (which i picked out) looks like she is doing ballet. lots of babies look crosseyed. glad to see a post--i missed your photos

annahannah said...

on the other hand, i was cross-eyed, and needed my mom to do eye exercises with me. i still remember the stories she made up--the girl in the red and white striped pajamas!! and what a cute baby

Vicki said...

A baby in the closet!?

Sounds like there's a story in there somewhere... ;-)

annahannah said...

need more