Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stake Conference

I thought I would share this conversation that I had on Sunday, because it was both hilarious and a little embarrassing. We (the Primary Presidency) were at a fireside on Sunday night, and as the man conducting sat down, I leaned over to Rachel and said:

K: Who's that guy?
R: (gives me a funny look) Who?
K: The guy who was just speaking.
R: ...that's our Stake President! [...] Haven't you been to Stake Conference?
K: No. We've always been sick!

So funny. Oops. Actually, when I mentioned it to Braden when I got home, he reminded me that I was prego-sick the first time, very big and prego the second time (and unable to rein in a very active Jenna, since Braden was working that day), and we were all sick again a few weeks ago for the third time. So this fireside I was at was the first time I had been in the chapel of our Stake Center!


Carolyn said...

Ahh, I know that feeling. You're not alone! We seriously only go to Stake Conference just because we're supposed to be at church on Sundays. And we frequently cut out early. Maybe one day I'll hear some talks.

Ker said...

Seriously. I often think that an hour and ten minutes is too much for little kids...but two hours!? It gets to be a fight between parents and kids because it's so hard to sit still for that long.

Glen and Rachel said...

Kerry, you forgot about one other missed viewing of the SP. About 6 months ago we had a Stake Primary leadership meeting, I can't remember where you were for that one...Oh that's right, you were probably giving birth or something like that. Hmmmm, I guess we'll let that one slide too ;) Hilarious!

Ker said...

Haha...I know, I'm such a pansy for letting childbirth keep me from a meeting! I bet the pioneer women would have gone. I guess I need to cowboy up!

Gina said...

Growing up, I always viewed Stake Conference as "Stay-at-Home Sunday". We NEVER went. Now that I have my own kids, we don't go. Ever. It's not worth trying to keep them quiet and occupied so that other people can hear the talks. I'll wait a few years, thanks.