Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Cone Day

Go to a local Ben and Jerry's today for a free scoop! See this link for some info; I can't get on their website, probably due to major traffic from people wanting to find out the same thing I do!

My absolute favorite flavor of ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. It's great for pregnancy cravings, and I occasionally treat myself when it's on sale (seeing as Ben & Jerry's is a little pricey, shall we say).

Enjoy your free treat!


Carolyn said...

Except that all the Ben and Jerry's near my house aren't participating in the free cone day. What is up with that??!! You say you have a free cone day and then every store in my area isn't doing it? It should be company wide! By the way, I had Chunky Monkey ice cream the other day from Ben and Jerry. Banana ice cream with chocolate chunks and walnuts. SO delish!

Ker said...

Yeah, that stinks. I thought it was country-wide. Suerie!

I guess time will tell if it's in WA.

Anonymous said...

well you can check on the website to see which ones are participating. I know all the ones in VT do but I would venture to guess as the franchise owners get farther away from corporate HQ they're more inclined to shrug off the heavy leanings-on of the corps telling them "this is voluntary...but you want to do it or DIE, right?"

Ker said...

True, true. BUT, I couldn't get on the website to tell! I guess everyone had the same idea.