Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Some recent (most within the last couple of days) pics for you all to enjoy:

Enjoying her free birthday sundae tonight at Red Robin.

Katie is my cutie. I remember when Jenna wore this outfit and still got called a boy by several people. Geez, what do I gotta do, write GIRL on her forehead???

Love it!

In our lovely backyard (deseret?)

I can't believe how old Jenna looks here. This was taken on Sunday. She's starting to lose the baby fat and her face is becoming more elongated. It makes me a little sad that she's growing up so fast, even though in some ways it's nice. I love my babes!!


Carolyn said...

Jenna has some buff looking arms in that last photo! Has she been working out with you? :-) And wow, I haven't seen a picture of Katie in such a long time! She is looking so big and so cute. :-) I just want to snuggle them both in a big hug from their aunt! I miss you guys.

Ker said...

Haha, trust me, Jenna's still got the baby fat. But she is lookin' buff!

We miss you, too!

annahannah said...

I believe that one picture, according to the lawn, should be titled, "In our lovely desert". Pretty funny for where you live.

I miss you guys too. waaaahhhh. Did you like my whining???