Thursday, April 23, 2009

Katie Katie's 6 Month Day!

Miss Katie Katie is 6 months old today! Here are some pics from Feb-Apr.

I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog, but Katie has some pretty severe eczema. You can see her extremely red cheeks in a couple of these pictures. We took her to the doctor a couple of months ago and have been using Aquaphor and hydrocortisone on her since then. The latter has worked wonders on her poor face, but we try to use it as little as we can because it's strong. If we even let up just a little bit with either of them, she gets red cheeks within 12-24 hours. I guess she won't need any blush when she gets older! :)

Jenna and Katie love to play together. Jenna can make Katie laugh when no one else can! I'm kind of jealous of it, actually. :) I can make her laugh a little, but Jenna can get full belly laughs out of her. It's hilarious.

Katie in her exersaucer. This was back when she still needed some support (hence the pillow). She hasn't needed it for a little while.

Red-cheeked babe

You can see how big she's getting for the bassinet. This was almost two months ago, too. I really don't put her in the bassinet anymore.

Nice tongue

Katie's dress on Sunday

Katie during Jenna's birthday party. I love dressing her in the clothes that Jenna used to wear.


Carolyn said...

What a big girl!! Does she have any teeth yet? Is she rolling or scooting? I can hardly believe that Ezra will be 6 months old next week too! He has no teeth yet and he can roll over from his back to his stomach. And he's certainly not scooting his chubby self anywhere! I wish we could get these two cuties together for a visit. :-)

Ker said...

Me, too!

She has two teeth on the bottom and has been drooling like crazy for weeks now with no additional teeth that I can find. She can roll both ways but seems to have forgotten how to get back onto her stomach lately.

Gina said...

She has such a sweet personality too! Good job, Mom and Dad, for taking her to the doctor for her skin. As someone who has skin issues herself, I really have a lot of compassion for kids who suffer from excema and other stuff. Amy has the pink cheeks too sometimes, and I wish she would let me put something on them regularly. But she's two. Enough said.

Ker said...

Yeah, Katie only lets me do it because she's a baby!