Friday, February 27, 2009

The Y

I tried out the Y Water Aerobics class (55 minutes) and Modified Water Aerobics (about 45 minutes) yesterday afternoon. LOVE IT. I think it's what sold me on the Y. I'm going to join either today or tomorrow. I was the ONLY one my age, though. Fully 3/4 of the class is over 65. I peeked in before I joined it, and actually went back to the front desk and asked, um, the water aerobics class is for all ages, right? And the guy was like, heh, yeah, it's not just for old people. :)

I need to get better swim shorts, some good goggles that actually keep the water out (novel idea, I know), a backpack or something similar that I can put my stuff in, and a lock so I don't have to check in my stuff at the front.

I am one of those people that has really big privacy issues; I ended up just putting on my sweatshirt and pants over my wet swimsuit after class. Can't deal with the world seeing me naked, especially since I just saw one of the families in the ward there yesterday. Oh, look, there's Sister E from Primary, and she's totally naked!!! I'm sorry, can't do it. (One of my 11-year-old girls was right behind me coming out of the locker room.) I've been like that since middle school gym class pretty much. And do *not* ask to come in the bathroom while I'm taking a shower if you're my roommate who I don't even know that well!! That actually happened to me, and I ended up switching to taking showers at night, because I couldn't handle it. :)

And can I just say that one of the most annoying things in the world is having to take off your entire swimsuit if you have to go to the bathroom? Guys just have no idea. No idea at all.


Glen and Rachel said...

Hahaha! I tried out a swim class at the local pool when we lived up in Seattle, and it was all old people too :) But I almost had a heart attack when I went into the locker room after class to get dressed...the last time I had been in a locker room was at BYU, and there's pretty much zero nudity in those locker rooms, so yeah...I had been sheltered.

Braden said...

"And do *not* ask to come in the bathroom while I'm taking a shower if you're my roommate who I don't even know that well!!"

We've been married for three and a half years... you can stop calling me your "rommate" now.

Ker said...

Rachel - Totally...I've been sheltered, too.

Braden - Okay, I won't call you "rommate" anymore; I'll just call you "roommate." :)