Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Girls

I've had a request for pictures and realized that yeah, it's been awhile since I posted any, due solely to my computer sucking it up. That and I didn't take any for awhile, either. But I've started taking some in the past few days once again. So ya'll are in for a treat, because Katie has grown a LOT since the last time I posted a pic of her.

Looking serious last night...and looking like a boy due to the color scheme. But hey, they're all hand-me-downs, and I like the color blue.

Expounding on the meaning of life

Excuse the big ol' mess behind her. I love her hat!

I love Katie's hat!!

Katie is in the 95th percentile for length, and it shows.

Daddy brought home some St. Patrick's Day hats, and Jenna loves them!

The Thinker pose

Whatchu lookin' at, Willis??

Pooh Bear usurping Katie's bassinet. Jenna puts Pooh Bear in just about all of Katie's stuff.

I looked over a couple of days ago when Jenna was feeding herself and saw this. I managed not to laugh and grabbed the camera. That's milk, smoothie and applesauce.

A different view. Jenna looks pretty proud of herself.

My smiley girl

Jenna likes to be nakey a lot these days. She's learned how to take her clothes off and puts them on the wrong way, and then takes them off again...rinse repeat. This is typical potty time. Notice Katie having tummy time in the background.

...and Katie's head is too big to hold up anymore. :) Jenna looks beautiful in this picture.


Carolyn said...

Katie looks a lot different than Jenna, to me. But they're both beautiful! Thanks for the pictures!

Ker said...

You are very welcome!

They do look a lot different now. Katie looked a lot like Jenna the first few weeks, but now they don't really look alike. Go figure! Also, Katie has a ton of hair and Jenna was bald for so long! Katie actually has some hairs in the front that are longer than Jenna's, which are just starting to grow.