Monday, February 9, 2009

Katie and Jenna

Katie rolled from her stomach to her back twice on Saturday! I looked over, and she was on her back, and I said, "I know I put you on your stomach!" So I rolled her back over, called to Braden, and then we saw her do it. Then we broke out the camera, and she of course wouldn't do it anymore!

We think she may have an ear infection, since she has a decreased appetite, cries even when the bottle's in her mouth sometimes and seems to be sleeping more than usual.

Katie has started to grab rings and rattles and even switch them to her other hand. She can bring them right up to her mouth and is getting more controlled. We actually have to put them in her hands, though.

Jenna was saying prayer on Saturday night and after saying "Thank you for Daddy" with my help, she spontaneously said, "And for Mommy". We were amazed. She's never said that before, and we didn't even know she knew what it meant. In the past few days, she's been saying more sentences, like "Take ya coat off", "Get up, Mommy", "Wake up, Daddy", etc. She continues to surprise us with what she says.

Apparently Jenna ran around nursery with one shoe on most of the time. Various nursery workers were chasing her around trying to put the other shoe on to no avail. Shoes that are easy for us to put on her are also easy for her to take off! :)

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Carolyn said...

Thanks so much for the posts, Kerry. I miss you guys so much. I'm so happy to see the pictures.