Friday, February 27, 2009

More Primary Quotes

We had our Board Meeting last night at the church, and all Primary workers were supposed to attend. We didn't get everybody there, but we had a decent turnout, I would say.

Anyway, I had just gotten done with my little talk on discipline and reverence, and two girls (6 and 8, I think?) come running up to me saying that Jenna has had an "oopsie". I had brought her with me since there were supposed to be some older kids in the nursery babysitting any little kids of Primary workers, and I thought that she would have fun. Anyway, all the kids were VERY worked up about Jenna's accident, and when I went in there, I could SMELL why. Oh my goodness. The entire room reeked...her lovely "oopsie" had permeated the whole nursery. Anyway, a 10-year-old boy said, holding his nose, "Do we have to live with this??" It was so funny.

Then I was running around trying to find a diaper, because I hadn't brought one, thinking that Jenna would be just fine. Luckily, I finally checked in the van and found the baby backpack that had ONE more diaper in it. I need to restock it. The nursery, believe it or not, *still* reeked to high heaven when I went back in there to get Jenna after the meeting was over. Wow.

Another funny quote was at the end of the meeting:

Bishop: Can I say something?
Primary President (announcing from the pulpit): ...Now we have to listen to the bishop.
(much laughter from the audience)
Bishop: Well, you don't *have* to listen to me. :)

Again, English isn't her first language, so she actually meant, "now we're going to hear from the bishop." She's such a good sport, though. Gotta love her. :)

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annahannah said...

Seriously, do we have to live with this???