Monday, February 2, 2009


So I have been an exercise fiend since the new year. Not everybody knows that, since I keep a private log elsewhere. So far, I've lost 8 pounds since keeping track on January 5th. I exercise at home using mostly workout dvds and dumbbells and alternate between cardio (M, W, F) and strength training/toning (T, Th, S). I have goals to exercise at least 4 times a week, drink 2 bottles of water daily, and get at least 1 serving of vegetables and 2 of fruit each day. So far, there's only been one day when I only drank 1 bottle of water, and I've met all my other goals daily.

There's a real sense of accomplishment when you start exercising and making an effort to eat healthier. I've noticed real changes since starting, like more energy, feeling stronger, and some junk foods tasting funny. For example, root beer tastes awful to me now...I can taste all of the sugar in it, and it tastes weird. I asked Braden if he put something in it!

I'm thinking about following the basic workout schedule for the Body For Life challenge. You do 30 minutes of cardio on M, W, F and alternate upper body and lower body/abs strength training on T, Th, S. So this week I would do upper body on T and S and lower body/abs on Th, and then the opposite next week. You're supposed to choose two exercises for each muscle in that section and do 3 progressively harder sets (less repetitions with more weight). I figure I can find different exercises to change things up, and I'll have to keep track of each exercise I do. I can also add some 30 Day Shred and Jackie's Workout (two killer workouts that I LOVE) as I get stronger, too.

Anyway, this is not to brag or anything; I just wanted to share with everyone what I've been up to lately. I plan on making this a lifestyle change, not just an "until I lose the baby weight" fad.


annahannah said...

You go, girl.

Carolyn said...

Gooooo Kerry! I actually like exercising. It makes me feel so great. Working around my kids' schedules so that I CAN exercise is a whole different story. :-)