Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some Links

This one is a site where people submit passive aggressive notes they've come across. I like the one on the microwave. I also like the nice Christmas card followed by "PS: Get your garbage off the fire escape."

Braden showed me this one yesterday.

Ellen DeGeneres and her Hawaii chair demonstration. This one had me laughing so hard!

And this MMW post was pretty funny. I absolutely LOVED the following comments from "What About Mom?" and "snow white", respectively:

"We once had the most awful singing doll known to man. Our maid Nadia (almost every expat in Cairo has a maid, even the poor professors’ families) gave it to our 3 yr old for Ramadan.

A) it sang awful Egyptian “music,” b) my daughter loved it, c) since it probably cost 50 cents (uh, we paid her like 45/month for 10/week of work) there was no way to turn it off or take out the batteries, and d) we couldn’t get rid of it (Nadia emptied out the trash).

So i drowned it. “Look Sally, Ramadan dolly wants to take a bath with you.” Just made it worse — sounded like a sick cow Ramadan dolly until we finally ‘lost’ it on a trip outside the city."

"Apparently, if you wash a stuffed animal with a voicebox, it makes noise all on it’s own as the voicebox dries, even for weeks. After I gave his stuffed animals a “bath”, my son was scared to death to go in his room for a long time because he claimed he heard a “piggy noise”."

I was in hysterics imagining what a "piggy noise" would sound like. Braden's response was, "You're really easily amused." Yes. Yes, I am. :)

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Carolyn said...

The Hawaii chair was great fun! I was laughing so hard that it made cough (We've all got nasty colds over here.) And Scott and Dan kept asking me what was so funny but I was too busy coughing and laughing that I couldn't answer!

I also checked out the Hawaii chair infomercial. I can't believe that things is real!