Sunday, February 10, 2008

'Fess Up!

Who has ever opened and closed his/her mouth when feeding a bite of food to a child?
Yep. This one is hard not to do.

Who has ever jerked the game controller up and away in the direction of an attempted jump/move? Super Mario, anyone?
Again, yes.

Who has ever taken care of business while on the phone? And I think we all know what "taking care of business" means.
No, but I know people who have...I'm thinking of you, dear brother, because I asked, "Was that a flush???"

Who has ever snored so loudly that his/her spouse had to either wake him/her up or go sleep on the couch in an attempt to get SOME sleep?
I know who IS guilty of this, and it ain't me. I haven't had to sleep on the couch yet, though, because I can't reconcile myself to it. It's like I think it's a slippery slope or something. IF I SLEEP ON THE COUCH, THIS MARRIAGE IS ON THE ROCKS. Just kidding. But I still can't do it.

Who has ever decided that it's time for the baby's nap RIGHT NOW even though technically it's probably a half hour from now? Oh yeah.

WHO CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH???!!! Just kidding, again.

'Fess up, peeps.


dan said...

Yes to all

Ryan said...

yes to all for which i am eligible

braden and kerry said...

I have NEVER had a problem with my husband snoring.


Carolyn said...

yes yes yes all those things. i'm bad. but in our house when someone snores (cough cough, dan) somehow, I end up on the couch. i keep poking him and making him roll over and if the snoring doesn't stop i just take myself to the couch. Thankfully he doesn't snore too often.

annahannah said...

yes, i am guilty as charged on all counts.