Friday, February 22, 2008


If you ask Dominicans where they are from, they will almost without exception say,
"Dominicano" or "Dominicana", depending on gender. Because who wants to say the mouthful, "De la Republica Dominicana"??? I feel their pain. United States = Los Estados Unidos OR you could sound like a monkey and just say, "E.E.U.U." (eh eh oo oo) OR you could say "norteamericano/a", ie North American. I was told that it's generally considered ethnocentric for an American to say "americano/a" in self-reference because usually you're talking to someone from Latin America who may be like, "Um, yeah, I'm American, too." That's if you consider the whole of the American continent, which a lot of Latin Americans do, and that's why they refer to the U.S as just that and not America.

The things you pick up on your mission...

I've just been told that this post is random. And my response to that is, "You knew den. And you did nothing." (Independence Day, anyone? It means: You knew den that I was random...and you married me anyway.) In any case, yes, there is a method to my madness, and it shall be revealed in the next post.

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Carolyn said...

When you make more than one post at a time, I always end up reading them backwards. Ah well.

Good to hear for you!