Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Official

Well, I think it's time. I'm going to go ahead and call it.

Katie is a thumbsucker. No binkies for this baby; we tried a few times when she was a few weeks old, but she was having none of it.

Pretty much the past week, she's managed to maneuver her thumb (ambidextrously) into her little mouth on a regular basis.

I'm slightly wondering how we'll eventually break her of this habit...take a picture of her at night when she's 13? (Hmm...did that happen to anyone else?)


Carolyn said...

When I wrote my email to you this morning about Ezra learning to suck his thumb, I didn't know that Katie was also on the thumb sucking track! As for how to break the habit, when Scott was about 3 we bought this stuff called Mavala Stop, off the internet.

It is used to help stop thumb sucking and nail biting. It tastes AWFUL. I would put it on Scott's thumb every night after bath. It did take a little time, but it did work and he did stop. I wouldn't try this method until Katie is old enough to understand that she needs to stop because she's too big and because she will hurt her teeth. In the mean time, enjoy your thumb sucker. In our experience thumb sucking babies are very happy and sleep well!

Donna Shoop said...

Melissa was a thumb sucker! She sucked it clear into Kindergarten, luckily she only did it at home. But nothing worked w/ her until we made a calendar and she went a whole month w/ out doing it grandpa took her to Chuckey Cheese. It took a while to get that whole month! Now she has braces! The funny thing about Melissa was that she was a binky baby and we took it away around 2.5 years and then she went to her thumb!

Ker said...

Interesting! I imagine there's a wealth of information on the internet about how people got their kids to stop. Right now it's just cute, but there will certainly be a time when she's too old to do it. I'm not worried about it now. It's fun to watch her try and get it in her mouth.

Donna Shoop said...

I wouldn't worry about it right now either, I think its better to have a thumb sucker- they can find their thumb in the middle of the night.. not always true for the binky. :)

Megan and Jeremy said...

Hooray for thumbsuckers! Hyrum is big into that and I have no idea how we will ever break him of the habit but I like that he has something (always attached) to help him go to sleep and to help him calm down when he's mad or upset. Hunter doesn't do the binky or the thumb and his tantrums are longer and louder so I wish he was a thumbsucker too sometimes :)

Carolyn said...

I just remembered too that when we were trying to get Scott to stop his thumb sucking we also had an award attached to his quitting. So, in addition to using the Mavala Stop, we took Scott to the store to pick out a toy to work for. When he was finally, officially done with the thumb habit, he got his prize. It really helped motivate him.