Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our House

So we submitted an offer on a beautiful home in this area on October 12th. We FINALLY got our approval this past week! We actually were starting to look at foreclosures and active sales as of a couple of weeks ago, because we were starting to get really worried that maybe there was a reason why our approval was taking so long, but thank goodness it finally came through. I still have no idea what took so long--even our agent said it was taking forever--and I don't think we'll ever know why it was delayed so many times. The only thing I can ascribe it to is that it's the Lord's timing that our move is many weeks later than we had hoped. Who knows why things happen the way they do, but the important thing is that we are closing on a gorgeous home of our own. I never thought I'd be 32 before I owned my own home, but, quite honestly, we just weren't in a place (physically, mentally or financially) to buy a home before this. I'm thrilled that we were able to move down here to a place that we love, that we have been able to make a lot of friends, and now that we are able to give our family the stability that we have never had. We've moved around a LOT since we were married, and while it scares me a little to put down roots since I'm so nomadic, I think it's time for our family to do so, especially for the sake of our kids. Plus, moving gets so much harder every time we do it, because we keep accumulating stuff. I'm excited about this move, but I'm also pretty stressed out. We had hoped to close on our home quickly, but the sellers' circumstances are such that we'll probably be closing about 2 1/2 weeks later than we had wanted. And, really, we do want to be sensitive to their needs, so we will just have to swallow our disappointment. It's funny, I had joked that I'd be 8 months pregnant before we moved...and it looks like I will be about a week away from being just that! It's nervousing because I really won't be able to do much to help move, and I typically do most of the prepwork for moving, so I will have to rely heavily on others for help---something that is really hard for me to do. I just have to have faith that everything will work out! :)


Gina said...

Congratulations on your house! Post some pictures if you can!

Glen and Rachel said...

Congratulations! Way to go for being so patient, it totally worked out! Good things come to those who wait.