Thursday, December 31, 2009

Conversations with Jenna

I had to write this down for posterity.
Earlier tonight, in the midst of changing Jenna's diaper, she burst forth with the following gems: "I'm pregnant! And then I go to the temple. (suddenly very serious) But I don't wanna poop in the temple. In my diaper." Me (laughing): "Yes, that would be unadvisable. But there are bathrooms in the temple." Jenna: "Oh, I could go poop in there? And wash my hands? And you could go pee pee, in ANOTHER bathroom?" Me: "...Yes." You know, Jenna's in the middle of her independent stage, and it's rough sometimes with the battle of wills, but then she comes out with this stuff that just makes me laugh and laugh. If she's still wearing a diaper when she's getting married, I think I will have failed as a mother! Not to mention that hopefully the pregnancy comes AFTER the wedding... :)


Carolyn said...

So, so funny!

annahannah said...

and get married before you get pregnant!! I loved it.