Saturday, June 27, 2009

Love it

It's late, and I'm tired. I just wanted to say that I love it here. The weather is hot, but it's great, and the evenings are even better. I was just out at 11pm, and it was still very warm out. LOVES IT!! We are lounging by the pool every couple of days, and it's gorgeous. We are all--except for Katie--getting nice tans. Jenna loves going to the pool...only there is really nothing to do with poor Katie, so she sits in the stroller. I do feel badly about that; the water is usually so cold that I'm nervous to take her in the water.

The parks are almost brand new, and Jenna also loves to go play on the swings and the play equipment. We met a young mom with a 2-year-old yesterday, and he (the 2-year-old, of course) was so enamored of Jenna! He wanted to do everything she was doing. It was way cute.

Katie is officially crawling and sitting as of a couple weeks ago. She would have been sitting earlier, I think, if we had given her more practice. She loves oatmeal and has tried green beans and sweet potatoes. She turned 8 months on Tuesday...I can't believe it! She loves to be wherever she determines the action is. If I'm in the kitchen, I have to put her in the exersaucer, or here she comes to see me! Yesterday, I came out of our bedroom after getting dressed, and both Katie and Jenna were crying for me right at the baby gate. Screaming in stereo; nice.

Anyway, church is tomorrow (thank goodness it's not at 9am), and I need to get some sleep. I keep meaning to write about our drive down here, but never get around to it. I'll keep trying!

Katie at the pool, eating her foot (probably out of boredom)

Jenna got her first haircut and now has bangs instead of a hairy mess!


Ryan said...

well enjoy them while you can, I was just reading that CA is going to be shutting down like 218 out of its 240 parks b/c of your budget mess!

Gina said...

And for gosh sakes, take that Katie-girl in the pool! She won't freeze to death. You can always put her in a warm bath when you're finished swimming.

Ker said...

Gina - yes, normally I would just take her in, but the water really is the coldest I have ever been in. We would only be able to take her in for a few minutes. It makes Braden and I shiver like crazy! What we need to do is actually go in the middle of the day, instead of at night, when the clubhouse shades the pool and it starts getting even colder.